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The Australian Warbirds Association (AWAL) is the administering body for all Limited category (ex-military and historic) aircraft operations in Australia. Through delegations granted by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, AWAL issues Certificates of Airworthiness, oversees maintenance systems, provides safety guidance, manages adventure flight operations, facilitates Permit Index assessments, and assists with specialised training for hundreds of warbird owners and operators nationwide. In addition, the Association offers an opportunity for aviation enthusiasts to join our community and participate in its ongoing growth.

The Australian Warbirds Association, or AWAL, was incorporated in 1989 as a not-for-profit company with the intention of connecting all those with a passion for ex-military aircraft, including owners, operators, maintainers, restorers, historians, and enthusiasts. Over the years, many friendships have been formed through shared efforts to promote and preserve the proud Australian and foreign military aviation heritage warbirds represent.

As Australia’s aviation community progressed into the late-‘90s and early 2000s, it became apparent that CASA’s long-term goal was to direct all non-type certificated aircraft towards approved industry bodies in a model that became known as Self Administration. Taking a pro-active approach, AWAL’s leadership worked hard over the ensuing years to prepare for this eventuality. CASA took some early steps in this direction, such as the creation of Limited category special airworthiness certificates; but it was not until the end of 2006 that the mandate for self-administration was put forth to the association. In May 2007, the Australian Warbirds Association received authorisation through CASA Instrument 161/07 to “Administer the operation of aircraft engaged in special purpose operations mentioned in sub-regulation 21.189 (3) of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998”. AWAL had become the CASA-designated self-administering organisation for all Limited category operations in Australia!

This milestone represented a seismic shift in the Australian Warbirds Association’s future direction. Prior to obtaining the delegations for self-administration, the organisation was (in addition to internal preparations for self-administration) largely focused on social and advocacy issues for the warbird community. Subsequently however, AWAL’s direction changed almost overnight towards the very real tasks of managing certificates of airworthiness, maintenance systems, adventure flight operations, and more for hundreds of warbird owners and operators nationwide. In the ensuing years, the association has worked tirelessly to become a first-rate administering and advocacy body for Australia’s vibrant and growing warbird community. We maintain a high degree of engagement with CASA, the Department of Infrastructure, and other Government entities towards ensuring our members are granted the best operating conditions possible. We have expanded our affiliations with like-minded groups, both within Australia and internationally. In addition, AWAL’s management has introduced or is pursuing several programs and initiatives with the overall goal of improving safety while encouraging a high level of camaraderie.

The future of Australia’s warbird movement, and by extension the Australian Warbirds Association, is very strong! Our numbers are growing steadily as more and more pilots and enthusiasts discover the myriad benefits of joining AWAL. This is a movement you too can be a part of; join the Australian Warbirds Association today and contribute to the future of Australia’s warbird community!


The AWAL Constitution can be downloaded in PDF format on this link: AWAL Constitution

Exposition & Self-Administration Manual

The AWAL ESAM can be downloaded in PDF format on this link: AWAL ESAM

Code of Conduct & Ethics

The AWAL Code of Conduct can be downloaded in PDF format on this link: AWAL Code of Conduct & Ethics


Privacy Policy under review. Refer Corporations Act 2001

Collection of information
Whenever AWAL collect personal information from members it will be carried out in a lawful and fair way. Members can contact the association’s leadership to discuss any concerns they might have in this regard.
Disclosing information

AWAL will only disclose personal information in accordance with the Act. This means that it will be disclosed if:

  • You were informed when the information was collected that it would be disclosed for a stated purpose or for a related purpose that you would reasonably expect;
  • The association has your consent;
  • The association is required by law to disclose it; or
  • it is otherwise permitted under the Act.
Opt Out
In accordance with the Act, any direct marketing offers will contain an opportunity to opt out.
Quality of information
AWAL will take reasonable steps to ensure that any information that is collected, used and disclosed is accurate, complete and up-to-date.
AWAL is committed to protecting your privacy and will take reasonable steps to ensure that the information collected is protected from loss and misuse and from unauthorised access, modification and disclosure.
Access to the information AWAL holds
Members can access their personal information upon request. However, there are occasions when such access may be denied under the exemptions contained in the Act.
Policy availability
This policy is available to members upon request. It will be reviewed by AWAL management from time to time and any amendments will be included in the updated policy.
Questions regarding privacy

If you have any questions about AWAL’s privacy policy, any privacy related dealings with the association, our information management practices, or are concerned about a possible breach of your privacy you can contact the association’s secretary at .

Additional contact information is available on the Contacts page of this web site.


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