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AWAL DSA - Peter Pring-Shambler

Interim CEO Appointment

Dear Members , I have great pleasure in announcing that we have secured the services of Mr Trevor Merton to act as the Interim Chief Executive Officer of Australian Warbirds Australian Limited. Trevor brings with him a wealth of experience to this role and many will...

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AWAL Ballot For Directories 2021

Dear Members, Please click on the link below to obtain the list of the 19 candidates standing for the election and the 18 biographies submitted. Download Candidate List VOTING Ballot papers are being sent to all eligible members nominated postal address by Austelect....

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Members Register Request

Dear Members, The AWAL board is very much aware of members general privacy concerns. It is with this in mind, and the general improvements in governance and transparency the board is trying to achieve that we inform you of the following. On the 3rd Feb 2021 AWAL...

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Update Your Mailing Address

Dear Members, To ensure the upcoming postal ballot reaches your correct mailing address please do the following. Access the AWAL website and confirm your postal address is correct. (If you have forgotten your password you can reset it) If the address on the website is...

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Call for Nominations

Call for Nomination of Candidates to Become a Director Dear Members, We invite any member interested in becoming a director of AWAL, and accepting all the responsibilities that go with that role in a volunteer capacity, to please complete the attached Nomination Form...

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AWAL Board Steps Aside

Dear Members, All the current AWAL directors have resigned to allow a fresh election of directors. A postal ballot will be held as soon as possible so all members can vote. When the results of the postal ballot are declared by the President, the current directors’...

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