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Carbon Monoxide

CASA has released some advisory information regarding Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Please have a read and talk to your Maintenance provider
The exhaust collector assemblies on piston powered aircraft are a known source of CO. Manufacturer’s instructions for continued airworthiness (ICA) require regular inspection of exhaust pipe collectors and heat exchangers. Their useable life is centered on an “on condition” maintenance inspection philosophy and as such requires increased vigilance with ageing exhaust components.
‘On-condition’ – ‘On-condition’ maintenance means an inspection/functional check that determines an item’s performance and may result in the removal of an item before it fails in service. It is not a philosophy of fit until failure or fit and forget. The process of ‘on-condition’ maintenance is applied to items on which a determination of their continued airworthiness can be made by visual inspection, measurements, tests or other means without disassembly inspection or overhaul. The condition of an item is monitored either continuously or at specified periods. The item’s performance is compared to an appropriate standard to determine if it can continue in service

Merlin Engine MPD

The UK CAA has released a Mandatory Permit Directive for Rolls Royce/Packard Merlin engines with regards to camshaft failures and camshaft bracket studs being loose.

AWAL recommends you ask your Maintenance Org to inspect those engines in-line with the MPD compliance requirements

MPD 2020-002

Check your belts

The CAA UK has recently released a ‘Safety Notice’ regarding Seat Belt condition in GA aircraft including Historic and Warbird types. They make note of a Yak52 crash where a life was possibly lost due to deteriated seat belt webbing.

If your black webbing is looking very purple or it looks like a cashmire sweater then they probably need changing. Please get your Maint Org to have a good look at them.

CAA UK SafetyNotice2019003

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