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Manuals & Documents

Warbird Operational & Administration Documentation

Please review the following guidance material on how you can utilise your warbird in a commercial operation, offering Adventure Flights to the general public. To save to your device, please right click and choose Save As…

Warbird Documents & Manuals

Exposition & Self-Administration Manual (pdf)

Adventure Flight Compliance Guide (pdf)

Approved Crew Acknowledgement Form Template

Passenger Acknowledgement Form Template

Passenger Briefing Template

Civil Aviation Authority Safety Notice

FAA Aviation Safety Emergency Airworthiness Directive (pdf)

New Exposition Template

Flight Following Procedures Template

Passenger Manifest Template

How to Compose an Exposition (pdf)

FAA Aviation Safety Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (pdf)

For AWAL’s Air Display and Fly-Past manual and application forms, please see the Operations Page – Air Display Operations

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