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Here you will find important information regarding on-going airworthiness, possible problems and maintenance items of interest that may affect your Limited Category aircraft.

AWAL DSA - Peter Pring-Shambler

YAK 52 Maintenance

Amendment 4 of the Yak 52 Maintenance Program has just been approved. We have included a procedure in case of prop strike and an additional lifing policy on factory hoses.

Please email me at and request an update Maintenance Program. Don’t forget to tell me your rego.



T6/SNJ Wing Spar Corrosion

I would like to bring to the attention of all T6/SNJ/Havard and Wirraway owners, UK CAA AD G-2013-001. The inspection criteria of this AD is a little more comprehensive than the associated FAA AD. Corrosion has been found in an Australian registered SNJ during compliance with the UK AD. AWAL recommends owners have their Maintenance Orgs inspect their aircraft IAW the AD.  UK CAA AD G-2013-0001

AD/PHS/10 Am2

AWAL is pleased to advise that it has negotiated an amendment to AD/PHS/10 that extends the compliance time from 6 to 12 years. This is a great outcome for our members and will save many thousands of dollars for those affected. AWAL has issued a Maintenance Direction, with some additional maintenance requirements as a blanket amendment to approved Maintenance Programs. AWAL MD 16-001v3 On Going Airworthiness of HS Propellers 2Nov16  AD-PHS-010 Am2

Piston Engine On-Condition

As my first article posted to the new AWAL website, I am pleased to announce that AWAL has changed its Piston Engine Overhaul policy. Those aircraft being maintained to an AWAL Approved Maintenance Program may now operate their engines ‘On-Condition’ IAW AWAL Engineering Bulletin EB16-001 (click on link)


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