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Peter Pring-Shambler, AWAL Director of Self Administration

The Director, Self-Administration (DSA) is responsible for the day-to-day running of AWAL’s self-administration. This includes oversight of adventure flight operations, leadership of the association’s Maintenance Review Board (MRB), and the appointment of suitably trained and qualified Approved Persons (APs). In addition, the DSA oversees the exercising of AWAL’s delegated powers. They liaise with and report to CASA as required.

AWAL DSA - Peter Pring-Shambler

Experimental Transition

Key Transition Requirements for Experimental Category Aircraft Transitioning to Limited Category
Only ex-military aircraft with an Experimental Certificate are required to transition to Limited Category:
 The aircraft must have a current Maintenance Release
 You must become a member of AWAL (fee applies)
 The aircraft must be registered with AWAL (fee applies)
 You must provide copies of the Certificate of Registration, Registered Operators Cert,       Noise Exemption, aircraft Log Book Statement and Title page of Flight Manual or POH
 The aircraft must be maintained to an approved Maintenance Program that is described in the aircraft Log Book Statement. (An AWAL approved program is available for most aircraft)
 The aircraft will require a Permit Index assignment. CASR Pt 132 D.2
 You may need to provide some information so the Permit Index can be assessed
 You will need to provide some photographs of the aircraft
 You may need to supply information about modifications and repairs to the aircraft
 You will be required to provide a Statutory Declaration on the state of ownership and airworthiness, aircraft Repair and Modification and authenticity of photographs
 You will be required to pay a modest transition fee of $220 incl GST
Please contact Peter Pring-Shambler, DSA AWAL for the full ‘Transition Pack’
Note: The transition period is between the 27 January 2017 and 27 July 2017, if your aircraft has not transitioned, then your Experimental Certificate will be cancelled by CASA.

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