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Call for Nomination of Candidates to Become a Director

Dear Members,

We invite any member interested in becoming a director of AWAL, and accepting all the responsibilities that go with that role in a volunteer capacity, to please complete the attached Nomination Form and return it in accordance with the instructions set out on the Nomination Form no later than Thursday, 25 February 2021.

Please note the Nomination Form allows members to self-nominate, rather than the previous (unnecessary) practice of expecting candidates to be nominated by another member.

In the meantime, we encourage you to carefully read the IM if you have not already done so.

Stephen Robinson
on behalf of the board
Australian Warbirds Association Ltd
09 February 2021

Nomination for Election to the Board of Directors

The Company Secretary hereby calls for nominations for the election of eight people to the board of directors of Australian Warbirds Association Ltd. Nominations will be accepted until 5:00pm AEDT on Thursday, 25 February 2021 and to be valid, must be completed in accordance with the attached form.

The election will be conducted via a postal ballot. Details of all validly received nominee details will be sent to members by Thursday, 4 March 2021. Ballot papers must be returned to the returning officer appointed by the board to oversee the ballot, Australian Election Company (, by 5:00pm AEDT on Monday, 22 March 2021 in accordance with the instructions sent with the ballot paper. The President will notify all members in writing of the result of the ballot on Thursday, 25 March 2021.

To achieve a basis for rotation on the board:

the nominees achieving the four highest number of votes in the postal ballot will be appointed directors until the conclusion of the 2022 annual general meeting; and
the nominees achieving the next four highest number of votes in the postal ballot will be appointed directors until the conclusion of the 2021 annual general meeting.
If there is a tied number of votes relevant to determining the term in office of any directors, then the terms of the respective directors will be determined by the returning officer by lot.

If there are more than eight nominees, only those eight achieving the highest number of votes will be appointed directors.

In accordance with AWAL’s Code of Conduct and Ethics, any nominee elected to become a director will be required to sign, within seven days of their election, a declaration to certify their acceptance of, and undertaking to comply with, AWAL’s Code of Conduct and Ethics at all times.

Allan Pickering
Company Secretary
09 February 2021

Download Nomination Form

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