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Dear Members,

All the current AWAL directors have resigned to allow a fresh election of directors.

A postal ballot will be held as soon as possible so all members can vote.

When the results of the postal ballot are declared by the President, the current directorsā€™ resignations will take effect and the newly elected directors will assume their duties.


Certain members keep pressing the current AWAL board to comply with demands now set out in a letter from lawyers acting for them, despite:

the demands being flawed from a legal point of view and therefore, not possible for the board to comply with, and
the issues contained in those demands having been dealt with but for running a new election process, which the board will now undertake.
The cost to AWAL of continuing to respond in a properly advised manner to these sorts of demand cannot be sustained without substantially draining AWAL coffers. The current board is unanimous in its decision to halt the financial drain in the interests of AWAL and the members as a whole.


As the key demand received was to enable a fresh election, the current board has moved to facilitate that via a postal ballot. A postal ballot is quick, clean, cost efficient and clearly contemplated in the AWAL Constitution. It has the added advantages that:

in the COVID environment, there will be no certainty around ability to travel to a meeting;
AWAL will not need to comply with ASIC requirements for hybrid technology general meetings, which in these circumstances would require substantial costs; and
AWAL will not be dependent on technology to run any form of meeting as a meeting will not be necessary ā€“ a result will be declared to all members in writing once voting in the postal ballot is closed.
The postal ballot is to be conducted by an independent third party and returning officer. No AWAL officers will be involved in seeing or counting the completed ballot papers.

Further details about the ballot process will be contained in the call for nominations and in the material containing details of the nominees.


The notice calling for nominations for directors will be sent to members imminently. The results of the ballot are expected to be received approximately four to five weeks after nominations are called.

The AWAL board sincerely hopes this action will allow the organisation to move forward and get back to the business of AWAL.

Stephen Robinson
on behalf of the board
Australian Warbirds Association Ltd
8th February 2021

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