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Manuals & Documents

Warbird Operational & Administration Documentation

Please review the following guidance material on how you can utilise your warbird in a commercial operation, offering Adventure Flights to the general public. To save to your device, please right click and choose Save As…

Warbird Documents & Manuals

Exposition & Self-Administration Manual (pdf)

Exposition & Self-Administration Manual

Adventure Flight Compliance Guide (pdf)

Adventure Flight Compliance Guide

Approved Crew Acknowledgement Form Template

New ANNEX 1 Temp – Approved crew acknowledgement form

Passenger Acknowledgement Form Template

New ANNEX 3 Temp – Passenger acknowledgement form

Passenger Briefing Template

New ANNEX 5 Temp – Passenger Briefing

New Exposition Template

New Exposition Template Pt132

Flight Following Procedures Template

New ANNEX 2 Temp – Flight following procedure

Passenger Manifest Template

New ANNEX 4 Temp – Manifest

How to Compose an Exposition (pdf)


For AWAL’s Air Display and Fly-Past manual and application forms, please see the Operations Page – Air Display Operations.

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