Check your belts

The CAA UK has recently released a ‘Safety Notice’ regarding Seat Belt condition in GA aircraft including Historic and Warbird types. They make note of a Yak52 crash where a life was possibly lost due to deteriated seat belt webbing. If your black webbing...

Parts and Components

Please read AWAL’s Engineering Bulletin EB18-003 for its recommendations on the use of Parts and Components that do not have any history or release documentation. AWAL EB18-003 AWAL Recommendations for Parts and Component Usage

CASR Pt 132M

I have put together this easy to read list of benefits  for maintenance of Limited Category aircraft under Pt 132M. Benefits of CASR Pt132M

NDT procedures approved

AWAL has issue Engineering Bulletin EB18-001 which approved the use of NDT Australia’s procedures for verifying the material specifications of undocumented non-ferrous materials used during the manufacture of aircraft parts. AWAL EB18-001 CAR 2A Approval of...